Monday 25 March 2019

Monday 25th March 2019

That's the disability page updated with last week's spreadsheets so time to walk the pup.  It'll be a short walk ๐Ÿพ today 'cos I'm still wiped out after last week!


So much for a short walk!  The senior pup ๐Ÿถ forced me to do 1100% this morning.

I was happy with 600% but she kept walking.

750% came and went.  My OCD would have been happy to come home, but the pup kept walking.

1000% came and went.

By the time we got to 1100% my legs were going "seriously, go in and sit down so that we don't give way on you".

The pup wanted to carry on walking, but I knew by then that it just wouldn't have been safe.

Means that it's just 600% for the rest of the week now though.

I was also wrong last night about the pup not ๐Ÿ’ฉing on our stroll.  She squatted down and produced a good'un at 300% so maybe that lightened her body to want to keep walking extra this morning?

That's the rubbish been and gone so I've just bought the bag in.  Just the recycling to be collected and bring in now then that's it for the day until the shopping comes tonight.

Remembered to brush me teeth this morning.  Used too much mouthwash again though.  I'll try and remember to use less tomorrow though... you watch me forget lol

Steve's just made me a celebratory chocochino, but I won't be moving for the rest of the day now, other than bringing the recycling boxes in and going for wee's... it just won't be safe.

Just made myself a second chocochino after the water thingy ran out half way through the cortado I was making myself!

That's me supplements taken.  They all behaved today and it was only the Calcium that needed more than a single mouthful of squash to swallow which was just for the last few crumbs that had been swished around my mouth with the first mouthful was all.

The recycling is just being taken, so I'll go and grab the boxes, take them into the kitchen then not move a muscle for the rest of the day.

That's the recycling brought in and taken back to it's home and my left knee especially is going "sit down and don't move or I'll give way.  Seriously." so the only time I'm leaving the sofa for the rest of the day now is to go to the bathroom and even that will be a struggle to do safely.

Assuming I'm very tight with my spending for the rest of the year, I'll be able to pay a nice chunk off the mortgage by January.  I know it won't be a huge amount to a lot of people, but it's more than we're paying atm so it means that the mortgage'll be paid off a bit quicker and still have £600 for gifts and domain names and Patrick's insurance and my prescription prepayment certificate and things like that.

As long as I keep my monthly bills to £151 a month and the groceries to under £75 a week, Patrick's insurance doesn't go through the roof at renewal (£87 every July), SCBWI membership stays at $80 a year and the prescription thing under £110 a year, then it's definitely do-able!

Hold on a sec... my maffs was wrong again.  I'll have £100 less than I was thinking a month, but that's still £2500 a year which ain't too bad and it'll be £3000 a year starting from January so d'ya see what I mean about it not being a lot?

I don't wanna be tight with me money, but I don't want us to still be paying the mortage for longer than we really have to either.  After our money problems a few years ago, Steve added £12,000 onto the mortgage that I didn't know about until a couple of months ago, but I want to do what I can to help pay the extra off now that I know about it.

Just moved the £100 into my savings account so that I'm not tempted to spend it.  Got £151 left in my account now, after today's groceries have come out which is £10 for my last March bill on Friday, which takes me down to £141.  Next Monday's shopping is another £75 which leaves me with £66 then that Friday's bill is £10 is £56 that I can, in theory, put into my savings account too 'cos the Monday after that is pay day as well as the groceries so I'll be left with £211 if I don't add the £56 and take off the groceries.

Getting confuzzled again.

I've currently got £151 in my account.
This weeks groceries have already been taken out.
I've got one last bill coming out on Friday which takes me down to £141, right so far?
Monday (1st April) comes along and the groceries cost £75 which leaves me with £66 yeah?
That Friday (5th April) another £10 comes out, which takes my balance down to £56.
Monday after that (8th April) is another payday so £56 + £230 = £286 yeah?
Take off £75 for the groceries leaves £211 yeah?
Friday (12th April) comes along and another tenner coming out leaves me with £201 yeah?  It's also my monthly payday of £229 so that's £430 in the bank, still right?
Monday (15th April) comes along and it's an expensive day 'cos there's £75 for the shopping and £111 for the bills (I took the tenner a week off twice last time I did the calculations) which adds up to £186 yeah?  £430 - £186 leaves me with £244 right?
Friday (19th April) skips along and out comes another £10 leaves me with £234.
Monday (22nd April) sneaks up on us and there's another £75 for the shopping leaves me with £159 plus the £230 for my fortnightly pay is £389.
Friday (26th April) comes along and another £10 waves goodbye so that I'm left with £379.
Monday (29th April) comes by and another £75 for the shopping leaves me with £304.
Friday (3rd May) pops along and another £10 waves bye-bye, leaving me with £294.
Monday (6th May) comes along and it's another £75 for the groceries is £219 plus my fortnightly pay day is £449
Friday (10th May) pops up and I wave goodbye to another tenner.  I'm left with £439.  Plus my monthly pay day of £229 is £668
Monday (13th May) comes and I say goodbye to another £75 for the groceries which leaves me with £593.
15th May pops up and another £111 leaves me, so that's £482 in the bank.
Friday (17th May) comes around and another tenner leaves my account which totals £472
Monday (20th May) is another £75 grocery shop and my next fortnightly payday of £230 is £627 in the bank, so lets put £400 into my savings, leaves me with £227
Friday (24th May) is another tenner out which is £117
Monday (27th May) is another week's groceries at £75 which leaves me with £142
The final Friday of May (31st) sees me wave goodbye to another tenner.  That takes me to £132.

Is all my maffs right this time?

That's me prescription taken... just waiting for the shopping to be delivered then I can go to bed.

The shopping has just turned up, so when it's been put away and Marie's gone home I'll head to bed for an early night.

Just completed a survey that took an hour to do when the invitation said it'd take 35 minutes!  Not happy.  ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

Shutting down now... nite nite orl!

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