Monday 4 March 2019

Monday 4th March 2019

Mornin' all!

Just taken my supplements.  Pretty tough going to swallow them all this morning 👎.  Hope that's not an indication of how today is gonna go 'cos the shopping is over £1 more expensive too.  I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but the absolute maximum I could spend was a certain amount for a reason, so it's £1 less for something else instead now! 

Not good.

I was wrong last week when I said it'd prolly be Friday that we did our next huge walk 'cos the pup forced me to do 1000% this morning!!!! 😲  Means there's already 900% in the bank after only one day.  She poo'd on her walk again, thankfully it was right next to the back of a car so I could lean on it while I picked up the poo 💩... thank you puppy!  🐶

Gonna have a Chocochino as a reward as soon as Steve fancies making it for me.

The rubbish has just been and gone.  Apparently they "dragged our rubbish bag to the back of the van so that they could hurl the rubbish into the back then threw the empty bag back to our door" according to Steve.

I've just bought the bag back in and left it in the kitchen 'cos I'm not tall enough to put it in it's usual home.

That's the disability page updated... gotta remember to fill in the third spreadsheet this week so that I can keep track of the distance I've travelled and how many calories I've burnt too!

Would have been so much easier if the app had worked on my phone though!  Ho hum.

Steve found a tin of cheese ravioli in the cupboard, so that's what I'm having for my lunch and we're having cakey things for elevenses that he said to bring in with me so not only did we have seven home-cooked meals last week but we had precisely no cake either... how awesome is that!!

The person that came over to see us both last week has just been on the phone.  She's referred us to the local fire service to talk about fire safety and getting fire alarms fitted and stuff that we will hopefully hear from in the next 2 weeks then there's also somewhere else she's referring us to, instead of Occupational Therapy, as Steve's my carer so there will potentially be more support for him and she needed to know the diagnosis for my disabilities so I gave her that information too.

Sounds like, potentially, there's a lot of help available to us both!

After walking so far this morning, I'm gonna have an early-ish night so I'm gonna publish this then shut down.

Nite nite orl!

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