Monday 11 March 2019

Monday 11th March 2019

Just taken me supplements.

They all went down nice and easily again, thankfully.

Time to move the money over to Steve for Mitzi's trip to the vet now, then I'll take her for our morning stroll.

That's the vet money moved over now, so I'll take the puppy for our daily stroll now.  Wonder if we'll do 1000% or just the normal 600% this morning?

The puppy only wanted to do 600% and we had to do it in 2 parts 'cos the rubbish collectors came down by 300% and the puppy made friends with someone who lives opposite us as well as the people at the end of the road.  The woman still hates us but the man seems to be starting to thaw a bit 'cos he talked to his little granddaughter about the senior puppy at about 550% instead of his previous "keep your bloody dog under control" when the puppy was under control, she just wanted to make friends with him was all!  He seems to be realising that he can't scare us away and that if he starts harrassing me again, I'll go back to the police.

I've never broken the law and I've got nothing to hide from the police and I will report people who break the law.

That's me teeth brushed.  Time to put last week's spreadsheets online again now!

Spreadsheets coded into the page now, just waiting for FileZilla to install the updates then I can upload it to my disability page.

I think I forgot to say yesterday that there was 4000% extra in the walkies bank by the time we came home yesterday which is about 4km-ish!  We did 600% this morning so there's 500% in the bank so far this week.

The puppy is snoring away between Steve's legs right now, bless her furry little paws lol

OK, the spreadsheets are uploaded to my disability page now.  I'd love to find a way to put the distance travelled and calories burnt onto one of the other 2 spreadsheets, but there is just such a huge difference in the numbers for each of them!  It's going to annoy me for the rest of the day now lol

Not happy.  For some reason I've lost most of today's blog entries and I don't think I can get them back... not a happy bunny at all

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