Friday 22 March 2019

Friday 22nd March 2019

That's the puppy walked and fed.  She poo'd at exactly 100% so I dutifully picked it up and did the other 500% with her being a right royal cowbag the whole time.

I've taken me supplements and thankfully they all went down OK.

Steve's shoes will be delivered today between 11.14am and 12.14pm by DPD.  I just hope these actually fit otherwise I've wasted getting on for £100 in 5 days!  Still, I'm paid again on Monday (25/3) so I'll be able to put some of that into my savings 'cos I'll be paid again (8/4) before most of my bills come out in April then again on the Friday (12/4) which'll be for April's groceries then I'll be able to put my third April pay day (22/4) in the bank too... you watch me need to spend more than I save though!  I'm so fed up of having to buy things that aren't appreciated.

Let's do some maffs.

I've got £95 in my account atm.  I'll get £230 on Monday (25/3), so that's £325 yeah?  Take off £75 for Monday's groceries takes us to £250 - right so far?

Fast forward to the next Monday (1/4) and take another £75 off for the groceries is £175 yeah?

The next Monday (8/4) is another £75 off for the groceries leaves me with £100, right?  It's also pay day, so another £230 in, plus the £100 that's already in there is £330.  That Friday (12/4) is another pay day is another £229 in which adds up to £559 yeah?

Monday after that (15/4) is expensive 'cos there's £151 for the bills leaves me with £408, take off £75 for the groceries is £333.

Monday after that (22/4) is another pay day so that takes my bank balance up to £563.  Take off another £75 for the groceries is £488.

There's one final Monday in April so £488-£75 for the groceries is £413 yeah?

In theory I'll have £400 in my savings by the end of April but I bet I'll barely have £100 in there in reality!

Is my maffs right though pretty please?


Pasta bake for lunch today... yummy!  Totally stuffed now though!

Just brushed me teeth.  Got enough mouthwash left for tomorrow then I'll need to find a way to reach the other bottle that Steve put out of my reach and I bet he'll make excuse after excuse not to reach it for me - same as always.  He's being paid to care for me for 30 hours a week but I'm lucky to get that a month and most of that time is cooking for us both!!  It adds up to just over 4 hours a day but I'm lucky to get that in a week!

Gonna take an OpenLearn course now - it's an interactive thing as opposed to reading, watching video's and maybe taking tests.  I'm hoping I'll get a statement of participation from it to add to my navigation page, but it doesn't say anything about that so I dunno if I will get one or not.

We'll find out when I've worked through it!

Finished the course with a score of 75% and no kind of statement or badge or anything like that.

Not to worry though, got 4 more courses I want to take (2 on Alison and 2 more OpenLearn courses) then it's all finished!

There's an updated Entrepreneurship – from ideas to reality course that I want to do alongside Steve that I'm hoping we can do together tomorrow, while Mitzi is on another play-date with Steve's cousin again... she's got a better social life than me lol

That's my prescription taken and Melanie out of contact for a week... I'm missing her already!

Gonna have a really early night tonight - think I deserve it!

Nite nite orl!

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