Thursday 10 October 2019

Back now aka Thursday 10th October 2019 in the afternoon

Back now.  Currently doing backups.  Taken 7 of my 10 daily pills and had me lunch (yummy chilli - thank you Steve!).  The author of yesterday's book has requested that I put a URL about her book in the blog post and review on my site, so I'll do that as soon as the backups have finished.

The rest of Steve's birthday gift turned up with the post this morning and I've got another review of my YA novel to put on my writing site too, but I can't do that until the backups have finished either 'cos I need to get the URL to link to from my email, which I'm gonna wait until the backups have finished so that I can be sure I'm using the right URL.  Gonna finish off the book that I read most of this morning while I was waiting for the virus to finish.

Need a wee first though 🤣

Just finished reading and reviewing a book but can't FTP it to my site for some reason.  Can someone remind me to try again in the morning pretty please?

Gonna take me final 3 pills of the day then head to bed... I is wiped out!

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