Monday 28 October 2019

Monday 28th October 2019

Morning all.

How are you doing today?

Time to take the puppy out for our morning stroll then come home, take my morning prescription and supplements, then sort out the Fitbit spreadsheet and page.  BBS.

The puppy did well on her walk this morning... we did the whole walk with pretty much perfect behaviour❗  Time for my 2 morning prescriptions and 4 supplements now.  Gotta remember to do the Fitbit stuff too, so I'll do that first I reckon.

After a mini argument with Steve about having to edit the CSV file 3 times (I didn't know it had to be saved as .xlsx to keep the formatting and read-only protection on it), it's up on my site for another week now.  Just waiting for the email to come through so that I can put that up too.

Time to take me pills now.

OK, they are all swallowed and the new Multi unsealed... almost forgot the 5-HTP again 😆

Steve's just said that he's overdrawn again so the website stuff was sent back to him as unpaid so that's £15.  Now he's saying he hasn't got enough to cover the mortgage so I've moved another £400 over to him which makes £1000 in October alone.  I've given him one final extension - if he gets the webpage sorted by the end of October and the software by the end of November then he doesn't have to pay me back, despite being quoted 10 weeks and £1500 back in March, it's now cost me getting on for £5000 and it's almost 6 months overdue, but he still hasn't started on it yet.  If I ask him to do anything else for me, I'll do like his other customers and pay on delivery rather than in advance.  I'm absolutely fed up of bailing Steve out and him doing buggar all to earn the bailing out.  He says it's just because of the Carer's Allowance stopping, but he was still getting it back it March  😒

Now he's fucking asleep again❗  So much for getting on with it "straight away"❗❗  I've had as much as I can take of Steve's lies now.  He either does what he says he'll do or he can refund the full amount and I'll find someone else.  I'm going through my accounts since March and writing down everything I've paid Steve and when so that he can see exactly how much I've paid so far.

He's not getting away with it any more.  I've had enough.  😠

Don't think the puppy is feeling very well atm - she's barely touched her breakfast and she's just laying down feeling sorry for herself now.  I hope she'll be OK soon - I'm such a worry wort about her.

She's just finished off her breakfast and is pretty much back to herself now 😌

She's back to pottering around and being undecided about getting up on the sofa, bless 'er, so totally back to herself now 🤣

Got a couple of photo's of her to put up on my site... brb❗

Photo's are up and I've just read that I haven't been awarded PIP.  Again.  I knew the decision before I even opened the letter because of how thick it was.  Steve's phoning the CAB lady straight away, so hopefully she'll be able to sort something out for us.  This happened last time and I was eventually awarded it so hopefully I will be this time too.  I'm just so angry that I still have to go through this every year, even after claiming it since 1999 😠.

Calmed down significantly now... still pissed off, yes, but we've done all we can now, so we've just got to take each day as it comes now.  I'll go to appeal again if I really have to, but really don't like doing that.  My anxiety is through the roof already but I need that money so that I can keep charging up my wheelchair and buying dairy free things and even cans of ginger beer for when I have an allergen by accident.

I'm not going to give up.

That's me three evening prescriptions taken so we're just waiting for the puppy to go back now.  Might get a few last photo's of her then try and upload them all again... like I've been trying to for the last 2½ hours and I'm about ready to give up now.

OK, got another 4 photo's of the puppy dog in her harness and I'm starting to feel quite low about her going this week, even though she'll be back again on Thursday❗

The puppy's just gone❗❗  I'm seriously on the verge of tears 😢 now 'cos I'm missing her already and she's been gone for less than a minute❗  Can't wait for Thursday now... can't come soon enough❗

Gonna try rebooting, 'cos I still can't to my FTP for some bizarre reason and I've tried everything else.  BBS.

None of my programmes are loading now so I'm writing this on my phone then heading to bed.

Nite nite all.

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