Saturday 26 October 2019

Saturday 26th October 2019

Mornin' all.

It's wet an' 'orrid out there atm, so I'm gonna take the puppy for a stroll and hope it doesn't improve as soon as we come home❗ 🤣  Gotta remember to charge up my Fitbit when we get back too 'cos it didn't track my sleep again last night and it's currently at 41% charge, so I'm thinking it doesn't track anything if it's under 50% charge of the battery, which is sooo annoying 'cos it was sold as holding charge for 5 days instead of 2-3❗

If it tracks my sleep tonight then I won't be happy 'cos I'll have to charge it up more often than it was sold to me as.  It does hold the charge for 5 days but it doesn't track anything when it's below 50% charge.

It's gone from 5 stars down to 3 and it won't be getting a glowing review from me on Amazon and if it goes wrong before the end of January, it'll be a single star.

9 photo's of our senior baby girl ready to code and upload... need to remember to take my Calcium too.  Lemme do the site admin first, then I'll take the Calcium after that.

OK, photo's are up now so time for the Calcium... BRB.

That went down amazingly easily today... easy to crunch up and it was pretty much all gone after one mouthful of squash❗  I could get used to this 😀 👍


Veggie chilli for lunch today.  Nice, just a touch spicier than I was expecting is all.  Totally full now so won't have much to eat for the rest of the day.  Gonna read my forums and emails and stuff now.  I've asked Steve to contact his mum about making sure that his dad is coming to pick me up and take me for my flu jab on Thursday and also to ask his cousin about alternatives to Sardines for the puppy.  Bet he'll forget though, so I'm gonna give him until 3pm then do it myself... he's supposed to be my carer for 35 hours a week, but I'm lucky if I get that in a month FFS!

I've been having a look on Amazon and found some dried sprats and sent the URL to Steve to ask his cousin about.  He's got 2 hours to do it in or I'll do it myself.

He's asleep again so I'll ask Helen myself then call his mum about Thursday.

OK, Helen said to stick to sardines or pilchards instead of sprats, so I'll keep getting the tin of them with the groceries on a Monday to send back with the puppy.  Might add several tins at a time 'cos apparently they last until the use by date in the cupboard.  The shopping is only £42 so far this week, so now would be a good time to add a few tins methinks.  I'll go and do it now before I forget.

OK, there's three tins of sardines coming with Monday's shopping now instead of the usual single one.  I hope they've all got decent use by dates on them 🤣

Already taken my evening prescriptions, so I'm hoping I'll be able to have an early night tonight and that my sleep will be tracked again.

Taking the opportunity to log off early and head to bed before 10pm, so I'll say night night to you all now.  See you all in the morning.

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