Monday 21 October 2019

Monday 21st October 2019

Morning all

Three things before I forget what I want to say in this first part of my daily blog:

  1. We've got the puppy for an extra day this week❗❗❗
  2. My Fitbit logged my disturbed night
  3. I've taken me supplements
  4. Don't read this bit when you're about to eat, 'cos it's about poo πŸ’©
I was wrong up there πŸ”ΊπŸ”Ί about how many things I wanted to cover πŸ˜†  Let's do them in order.  First up the puppy isn't being picked up today after all, but she is at some point tomorrow instead, so we've got her for an extra day... yaaaaay❗  We don't know why it's happening like that, but I'm sooo glad and excited and relieved that we'll get her for an extra day and it makes the day a lot less stressful and having her for the extra day means the house has more time to soak up her love too❗

Next up, the Fitbit thing.  I woke up in the early hours and came down for a wee then couldn't get back to sleep for a couple of hours, so was thinking that the Fitbit would say I woke up and stayed awake but when I came down for good at 8am, it amazingly logged the twice I went to sleep and the twice I woke up, which is so totally awesome!

The third point is just my daily sentence to say I've taken me supplements.  Felt very sick after taking the Folic Acid, even though I hadn't eaten anything so I don't know what happened with that, but they're all taken now.  Even remembered the 5 HTP first time this morning 🀣

The last bit is about poo πŸ’© so don't read this paragraph if you're not prepared for that❗  Both of us had floppy botties this morning (Steve apparently about 5am πŸ•” and me about 3 hours later πŸ•—) and we reckon it was either the zoop or the meat free sausage rolls that we had for lunch yesterday.  Steve's just gone for another πŸ’© at πŸ•˜.  Our poo's are still solid, just very soft for some reason.  Maybe the zoop or sausage rolls were past their best or something❓

OK, grossness over with now 🀣  Time to walk and feed the puppy.  It's our "Monday Marathon" today, so I hope my bum behaves while we're out and the puppy doesn't poo either 'cos I'm really anxious about picking it up at the best of times... I'll do it, of course, but my anxiety will be through the roof. BBS❗

That's the puppy walked and fed.  She was greeted and admired twice on this morning's stroll.  23 Active Minutes and 2,103 steps already today and it's not even 10am πŸ•™ yet!  Managed 3,068 steps by the time I got into bed yesterday, so I'm hoping for getting on for 4,000 steps by bedtime tonight❗  Gonna do the site admin for last week's Fitbit now... It won't be accurate 'cos apparently there weren't any active minutes at all last Monday, despite having a record of 28 minutes on the puppy's stroll.  That's OK though, it must still be sorting itself out after the Firmware screw-up.

 My rings (these and these) have just arrived and they fit a lot better than the original rings 🀣  Purely my fault for ordering the wrong size though.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with any of the silver rings and they will get a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review from me... there are a lot more gold rings than I was expecting - I knew that there were 48 in the pack but was thinking it'd be 2 rings per finger, but more than 4 per finger is even better value for money❗  Assuming they don't leave a green or black mark around my fingers (because they are cheap), they'll be getting ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐'s too❗ 

Just waiting for the jewellery shield liquid to paint on the inside of them to hopefully stop them leaving marks on my fingers then that's all the birthday vouchers spend and I only paid 55p for it all❗  Amazon have done well out of me for my birthday this year - £150.55 in under a month... I've been spoilt rotten thanks to Chris and my mum❗  Steve's family got me smelly stuff which was awesome too❗

That's the recycling, food waste and cardboard been and gone.  Just waiting for the rubbish now, then that's it until I take the Calcium at lunchtime and feed the puppy then we can breathe until the groceries come this evening.  Gotta cut up the sardine's ready to go back to Helen's tomorrow.  It'll be the first time we've ever given her sardines of any sort and I think they stink don't they❓❓  We've got an airtight container for them though, so it'll just stink the house out while Steve cuts them up and puts them in the box, then each time we open the box after that.  It's only once a day though and we can open the kitchen window and back door just before I open the container so that hopefully 🀞 most of the smell will go before it reaches the rest of the house 🀣

Not even 12.30pm πŸ•§ yet and I'm already over my daily steps target... next goal is to reach 3,000 steps by this afternoon and hopefully 4,000 by bed time❗  Today is gonna be a good steps day, I can feel it in my 🦴 bones 🀣  I've walked 26 miles since I've had the Fitbit too which is about a mile a day just from walking the puppy and wobbling around the house!

Having issues downloading the Excel version of my Fitbit stuff.  I've got it with no problem at all as a .csv file that I'll use if my account still doesn't want to play nicely after I've restarted, I'd just prefer the Excel version 'cos it's in a sheet for each day which I much prefer.


Nope, still can't download the Excel spreadsheet, so it's the .csv file this week.  Steve said there's prolly something wrong on their end so I'll just keep trying throughout the day.  Gotta love πŸ’œ technology❗ 🀣

The puppy's just had her first ever (with us) half of a sardine... she had them with Helen last week but the new ones have just turned up with the shopping and Steve put it in her bowl with her tea and she devoured it like a shot❗  She obviously approves and it does her mobility good as she ages so Helen's suggestion was awesome and Mitzi definitely approves❗  I can see it being a regular thing on our grocery shops from now on❗  They're Sainsbury's own brand so they were only 45p so it's a tiny price to pay for Mitzi's health in her senior years.

Just taken me prescription and I've just found an awesome site where I can get the vast majority of gifts in one place, so I'll sort those out before I head to bed.

That's all the gifts sorted from just one site, so as soon as I'm paid next week I'll be able to buy them all before NaNo starts... yaaaaay❗  I'm gonna head to bed now.  Nite nite orl❗

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