Wednesday 16 October 2019

Wednesday 16th October 2019

Morning all.

Little oops to start the day with.... accidentally took 2 of the prescribed Folic Acid and 2 B12's❗  I'm not worried about the double B12, but is taking 10mg of Folic Acid dangerous❓  Will it screw up my body up beyond repair❓  I'll read the Patient Information leaflet to see if it says anything in there methinks... hold on❗

The leaflet didn't give me any information, so I'll call 111 for reassurance as much as anything.

Apparently NHS111 has a website so I'll use that first methinks.

Just filled out the assessment and a medical professional will call me within the next 20 minutes.

Just had the call and apparently Folic Acid has a very low toxicity but if I get any blood, pain or swelling then I need to call 999 but other than upping my levels of liquid, there's nothing to worry about.  Got "mum arm" (© Steve 🤣) now, but other than that I'm feeling fine and dandy, so I'll just carry on with me day now that I know there really isn't anything medical to worry about.  Thank you NHS❗

First full scan without including the AppData folder finished in about 5 hours so I'm running it again just to be sure it really did scan everything instead of just a quick scan, 'cos it usually takes 20-ish hours and I can't believe that just one folder takes 15 hours to scan❗❗  If the full scan *did* only take 5 hours then I'll do it every day instead of once a week❗

Just had me Wednesday traditional zoop and my Calcium, so I'm all sorted until this evening now.

OMG❗❗  I've done two entire computer scans in about a quarter of the time it usually takes to do a single one, just by excluding the AppData folder❗❗  Still virus free so gonna do the back-ups now, saving me a job tomorrow morning.  Thank you for protecting me for another week, AVG

Two virus scans and backups all finished in under 12 hours which is a pleasant surprise... means I won't need to get stressed out tomorrow morning now  ➰➰➰

Just taken my prescriptions, so when they start kicking in I'll head to bed.

Been a pretty productive today, thankfully.

Starting to feel tired, so I'm off to beddy-byes now 🛌.

Nite nite orl 😴

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