Tuesday 22 October 2019

Tuesday 22nd October 2019

Mornin' all.

The puppy walked me an extra 50% this morning, so the rest of the exercise I do with her this week is a bonus, including yesterday's stroll.  A cat has poo'd on our neighbours blue cardboard recycling bag, so I've reported it to the council.  2.5 months since they last poo'd in the street, so I hope it's not regular again.

I'll hopefully have my Fitbit email to add to my site soon.  Gonna code and upload some photo's of the puppy while I'm waiting.

I was wrong, the email has already come through, so I'll sort that out first then take some photo's of the puppy before she goes back with Helen at some point today.

All coded and ready to upload, but FileZilla doesn't want to play nicely, so I'm gonna reboot.  BBS❗

A couple of reboots and lots of patience later and FileZilla is finally connecting to my site so I'll upload everything now... hold on❗

OK, everything is now up-to-date and uploaded so I can relax until lunchtime now when I take my Calcium and our weekly burgers.  Zoop tomorrow while the virus scan is running then butternut squash for me and bacon, eggs and home-made potato squares for Steve so Thursday is gonna be a yummy veg-fest❗  Gotta go and give the puppy her ½ of a sardine with her lunch now though... BBS.

The puppy loved 💖 and absolutely devoured her ½ sardine, within seconds of it hitting her bowl❗  She's being picked up between 4pm 🕓 and 7pm 🕖 today so we really do have a whole extra day with her, which is awesome❗

Steve's just started cooking our burgers so I'm gonna finish off my mug of tea, take the Calcium then put my laptop on the floor in preparation for our lunch 🍴 being ready.

That's the Calcium crunched up and swallowed.  Did I take my other supplements this morning❓  I don't think I did, did I❓  Or did I❓  I'm gonna take them now, just in case I didn't.  Surely one single double dose won't hurt me will it❓❓  It'll be my own fault if it does❗  😟

I've definitely taken all four supplements now... just gotta take the 5 HTP then it's all sorted for the day.  Hold on.  OK, they are all definitely taken now so that's it until I take my 3 prescriptions tonight.

Gonna put my laptop on the floor then go out and get my burgers.

Back now❗  Need to put my lunch into the FitBit app before I forget... hold on.

That's done and dusted... 200 calories over target already today though - oops❗  🤣

The puppy's just gone again 😭  We had her for 24½ hours longer than usual and she was excited about seeing Trevor so she's obviously happy with her few days a week there but she didn't even look back❗  😢  The love is already shrinking and we'll have no choice but to talk to each other between now and Friday... she's the smallest member of the household but the biggest personality and expressions of love by far❗  Missing you already Mitzi❗❗

Taken me prescriptions and want an early night, so I'm off to beddy-byes now.  Back tomorrow though, as always.

Nite nite orl!

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