Sunday 13 October 2019

Sunday 13th October 2019

Morning all.

Already got a 5 minute video of the puppy uploading to YouTube where she's actually awake and moving around throughout it❗  As soon as it's finished uploading, I'll put it on my site.  It was a nice surprise that she was so active so soon after I came down here, but she's asleep under Steve's leg again now 🤣  Gonna take her out for a stroll soon 'cos I can't take my morning pills until Steve's made me another bottle of squash.

Blimey it's soggy out there❗  We did our normal amount of lengths today though, despite the rain.  Time to update the spreadsheet and do the admin on my site then take me morning pills.

Site admin done so time for me pills now... 2½ hours later than normal though  😞

OK they are all down the hatch now.  Means I'll have to take the Calcium at 3pm instead of 1pm though, so that it doesn't negatively affect my OAB pill.  For some reason, the B12 was a lot harder than normal to swallow, even though the other 5 pills went down fine❗

That didn't last long then❗ 🤣  Just added my time asleep to the Fitbit app instead of letting it go.  I definitely won't starting tomorrow though... my OCD was determined to finish off the week of logging it manually 🤣

I'm gonna go and clear up the puppy's poo to put in the rubbish bag now, in the hope that it'll be taken this week 🤣

Thankfully it was nice and easy to get it all sorted this week.  Steve separated the recycling boxes and I took it outside... that was ¾ full this week and only one box instead of our usual two that we had before the puppy went to Helen's to get her health sorted.  Then I took the rubbish out... barely ½ full so far, and that's with all our rubbish in it for the week too❗  Still got the rest of the day to go but I can't see there being too much more rubbish to go out, thankfully.

Apparently we're not having our Quorn roast for lunch after all 'cos Steve's too tired, which is fair enough.  Might request another bowl full of home-made potato wedges again instead, so that we don't waste most of the bag of potato's.  Quick, easy and healthy to do, then Steve can go back to sleep 🤣

We are, officially, having fresh potato chunks as opposed to wedges.  Basically the same as the wedges, just a different shape is all 🤣  Steve's currently cutting up the potatoes then he'll bung them in the oven for however long they need et voila!

Put the bathroom bin outside too, still only ½ a bag of rubbish though!  We're so ace!

Just taken me daily Calcium and lunch will be ready soon.  Just potato's, spray oil (so that they don't stick to the foil 🤣) and salt.  Apparently it takes 50 minutes to cook though, so that's almost triple the time I was thinking❗❗

The potato chunks were especially yummy today.  Steve salted them instead of using the Italian seasoning that he used last time and it really brought out the potato flavour instead of just tasting the seasoning.  I've put a garlic and herb seasoning on the grocery shop that's coming tomorrow that I'm thinking we can use for the potato's next week and just keep the Italian one for pasta.

Hold on and I'll go and make sure I really have put it on...

Yep, garlic and herb seasoning, apples instead of tangerines or bananas and raisin whirls instead of the apple turnovers 😍

Just taken me last 3 pills of the day so I can hopefully have an early night!

Off to beddy-byes now 🛌.

Nite nite orl 😴

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