Thursday 31 October 2019

Thursday 31st October 2019

Mornin' all

Time for me flu jab today and apparently my FIL is bringing the bin bags... hopefully they are stronger than the current ones - can't be weaker after all❗

Gonna take my 6 morning pills now.

OK they are all down the hatch now... pretty easily this morning, thankfully❗  The Folic Acid took an extra mouthful of squash to be able to swallow, but the other 5 were totally fine and dandy.

Gotta try and remember to ask to be weighed again and ask what I need to try and get my weight down to... I think it's 60kg, but I just want to be sure.


Nice and early in the day so I'm gonna take her for a stroll and start taking loads of photo's of her... yaaaay❗❗❗

That's the puppy walked.  Was hosing it down when we first went out but it had almost stopped by the time we came home.  Need to update the Fitbit app with the exercise I did with her just now.

Puppy's been fed and we're having potato chunks for lunch after I accidentally dropped them off the side... woops❗

NaNo starts tomorrow and I'm hoping to be finished with it just after the 12th, 'cos that's 48,000 words and I'll just have 2,000 left to write in more than 2 weeks then.  Keep yer fingers crossed 🤞 for me please❗

The human's have been fed too now and I've gotta take my Calcium before I forget again.  BBS❗

That's the Calcium taken, so I'm all sorted until this evening now.  Got my jab in the next hour or so 😟.  Gotta try and remember to ask to be weighed too.

Back now.  There wasn't time to get weighed so I'll try and remember to ask next time I go.  I've left 2 letters for my GP so maybe I'll see if he can weigh me if he needs to see me about either of them.  Don't think there were any doctors there at all this afternoon, just 3 nurses doing the jabs!  Done now though, so I can get ready for NaNo tomorrow.

Puppy's just had her tea and pill, so I'm gonna have some Swiss roll for me tea then take my last 3 pills of the day and head to bed for a very early night.  😴

Just taken me last three pills, so there haven't been any photo's or video's of the puppy today, but that's purely because it's been such a busy day.  There will definitely be photo's tomorrow though, 'cos none of us are going anywhere, so I'll take as many photo's of the puppy as I can while I'm writing.

Gonna head to bed in a bit I reckon... taken the pills 15 minutes earlier than normal so I'll head to bed earlier too.  Not got anything else to do online, so I'll publish this then shut down.

Nite nite orl!  💤

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