Saturday 19 October 2019

Saturday 19th October 2019

Morning all.

Charging up my Fitbit then I'll take the puppy out for her stroll then feed her.  Gonna take my supplements while I'm waiting I reckon.  Gotta remember the order to take them all in - OAB pill first, then a fruit pie, then Folic Acid... nope other way around.  Oops❗  Folic Acid, then pie, then OAB pill and then supplements.  Gonna do that now while I remember 🤣

OK, they're all taken... except the 5 HTP❗  Again❗  Hold on and I'll take it before I forget again.  OK, that's gone too now, so I'm dosed up until lunchtime now.

That's the puppy walked and fed.  She went out into the back yard for a wee and poo within minutes of us coming home too, so got a biscuit as a reward.

She's just jumped up on the sofa totally alone too, which is so totally awesome... she couldn't have done that 6 months ago and that, I think, is because she has lost so much weight, her energy has skyrocketed and her thyroid is being sorted which has all combined to her having more confidence and motivation in herself... so totally awesome and I'm relieved that it's sorted out now.  So totally worth it, just frustrated and slightly disappointed 😞 that it's taken so long (as in at least 5 years) to be diagnosed and treated is all❗

Steve's just fed the puppy and I've just taken my Calcium so it's time to work out how to update the final word count on 2017's NaNo.

Just a short blog post today by the looks of things.  I've put 3 photo's and a video up and I've already hit my daily steps target so the rest of today's steps are a bonus now, which is great going by me I reckon.  Walked just over a mile and I'd love to try and hit 3000 steps by the time I go to bed too.

Prescriptions taken.  Nice and easily tonight, thankfully.  Gonna have a look for decaf coffee to put on Monday's order now.  👌

Not very tired, but I'm heading to bed anyway.

Nite nite everyone❗

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