Thursday 17 October 2019

Thursday 17th October 2019

Morning all.

I'm in an awesome mood this morning for some bizarre reason, so I'm gonna make the most of it and take my first two prescriptions and four supplements nice and early.  Hopefully they will all go down OK 🤞

OK, just taken them and they all went down fine and dandy, so I'm gonna have a look and see how many steps I did yesterday... won't be many 'cos I barely moved all day yesterday 😆

1,348 steps is all, only just over half of my target of 2,500 steps❗  Woops❗

Gonna have a read of the Fitbit thing now.  I asked about some exercises to do while I'm on the sofa to build up strength in my legs so we'll see what they say.

OK, so someone has suggested going to see a physio, getting ankle weights and agreed with my thoughts about getting a floor cycle so I'm gonna write to my GP now while I remember, so that I don't waste money on getting the wrong things and potentially making me even worse than I already am.

OK, done and dusted with the letter, so I'll take it with me when I go for my flu jab in 2 weeks time.  You watch me forget now though❗

We're having Quorn roast and fresh potato squares for lunch today... yumsk!

While that's cooking, I'm gonna go through Facebook and remove tags that I never agreed to and blocking the people who tagged me in them.  Only Steve's family, Chris and Hannah are allowed to do that from now on unless I give you my personal permission for each post before it's posted.

Taken me Calcium now so time to carry on with my Facebook admin until I get the warning about lunch 🍴 being almost ready.

Just had the 10 minute warning, so I'm gonna put my laptop on the floor and go out and grab it.  Wanna find a way to put a vote ✔ button on my blog and site about whether you prefer the single long post a day that I'm doing now (this one is a good example) or if you want me to go back to multiple shorter posts again.  I'm happy 👌 either way but I'll go with the majority votes next weekend, assuming I even remember to put the vote bit up 🤣

Oooh, that was sooo yummy... simple but delicious.  Gonna try and work out the voting thing now, before I forget... BBS!

OK, so this is the voting thing - it's more detailed than I was originally thinking but is totally anonymous and I will never share your feedback with anyone.  Promise.

Taken me prescription, so I'll publish this as soon as I start feeling sleepy.  Hoping for an early night tonight.

I'm off to bed 🛌 now.  Late night, but sooo worth it.

Back again tomorrow.

Nite nite orl❗

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