Thursday 19 May 2022

Mornin' all

By the time I was allowed to go to bed last night, I'd put in an extra 50 minutes of care for my carer, which means that I only needed to provide 45 minutes of care this morning to hit the minimum and I've already done that so I'm working unpaid, unrecognised overtime until bedtime on Sunday now so I reckon it'll be an 85 hour week this week.

The fan heater in the bedroom has finally given up the ghost, so I've gotta find a replacement for it now.  Gonna put the current one on Freegle instead of just binning it.

When my carer wakes up, I'll go and make his breakfast for him, water the seedlings then make my own breakfast.  He's got a medical appointment later on today and I'm predicting that he'll find a reason to cancel it yet again.

Forgot to publish this again... woops!

I've now ordered a new fan heater and cardigan from Amazon that have a guaranteed delivery date of tomorrow... I bet it'll be a late delivery though and I'll be desperate to crawl into bed when it arrives lol

I'm about to put the konked out fan heater onto Freegle then I'll go and make breakfast and water the seedlings.  I've already taken my morning pills and run the daily virus scan which was still clear, which is reassuring.

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