Friday, 20 May 2022

Mornin' all

How are you all getting on this morning?

My Amazon deliveries are due today and I'm predicting at least one of 'em will be late 'cos it hasn't even been dispatched yet, but my account says it's due for delivery "by 10pm today" lol

My carer is fast asleep and snoring his head off, so I'm gonna make another prediction that I won't be getting very much care or support from him today either.  

I'm already approaching 11 hours overtime so far this week (it'll be 11 hours at 6.44am) yet he hasn't even managed 2 hours of care for me all week combined.

This morning's virus scan was clear and I'll take my pills after I've made my carer's breakfast for him then I'll do the washing up ready for lunchtime then go and water the seedlings.

He's just woken up so I'd best go and make his breakfast for him.


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