Friday 17 May 2019

Friday 17th May 2019

That's the puppy walked and fed and a price list sorted for Steve.  Turns out I'd been under feeding her, despite her putting weight on!

Gonna have a look on Amazon to see if they offer any low-fat, soft treats that we can hide her steroids in every morning instead of Steve hiding it in half an apple pie.

Time for me to start studying again now though!  Hope I pass the end of course test 'cos I can't remember anything I learnt yesterday 'cos of sleeping in between!

Haven't taken me supplements yet!


Gonna take the assessment then take 'em methinks... wondered why I had no energy or motivation!!

End of module assessment finished, so it's time for me supplements now.

That's me supplements swallowed.  The B12 was a bit of a PITA to swallow today, but other than that they all went down OK.

Mitzi's going for her bath within the next half an hour-ish so I'll be here totally alone until Steve gets back from his medical appointment 😦 so gonna spend the time studying the next module 😣.

The puppy has just gone and I'm missing her already!  😧

Second module of the day finished.

On to module 16 of 21 now.

Still missing the pup and Steve... she's only been gone for 20 minutes!

Just had a text from Steve saying he'll be home soon - yaaay!  Our likkle house feels big and empty without him and the pup!

Our baby girl is back... but only temporarily 'cos she's going for a sleepover at Steve's Uncle's house tonight so that she can go to the vet first thing to have her "bum and other area's clipped" with Steve's cousin (who's a vet nurse) tomorrow morning.

We're pretty sure it'll be my first overnight I've had without her since we got her almost 9 years ago.  I doubt I'll be able to sleep tonight without her in the house!  Even her being spayed was over and done with in a day!

Our baby girl has just gone again and my poor likkle heart is breaking already!!  💔

That's me prescription taken, tea cooked and I'm onto the last module of the course, so I'm hoping I'll pass the end-of-course assessment so that I can have an early night tonight.

Still missing our little puppy though!

That's the last module completed, so time for the final assessment of the course now.

Wish me luck!


I passed the course first time!!!

Despite sleeping and having 3 meals over 2 days, I still passed the flippin' course!

I scored 80% and the passing score I needed was 70% so I didn't especially scrape through either... didn't smash it by any means, but I comfortably passed.

Gonna update the two pages then relaaaaax for the rest of the evening.

I is absolutely wiped out, so I'm having a very early night.

Whine like a baby to you tomorrow.

Nite nite orl!

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