Sunday 12 May 2019

Sunday 12th May 2019

Blimmin' 'eck it's hot out there!  I never sweat from my forehead but it's so hot outside that I am today!

We've put the rubbish and recycling out ready for tomorrow morning.  The recycling box is full to the brim and if there is any more at any point today we'll have to put the second box out or wait until next week.  Our rubbish bag is only half full too, despite us having started to chop up the chopped up butterfly bush and put it in the rubbish bag too!  There's still a lot of garden rubbish out there, but we'll get there in the end if we do a bin bag a week, like we did today.

The puppy has been walked, fed and watered now too, so just gotta work on getting the images online then that's another weekly task sorted.

Not gonna study today.  Had a reeeeeally late night last night (still awake at midnight) so gonna have the day off today and start again tomorrow.  Which one should I do though?  The children's party planning, the wedding planning or the children's story writing?  Let me know in the comments?  Please? 

Apparently we're not having the Quorn Roast and veggies today 'cos apparently "it's a lot of up and down for it, so can we have pasta bake for lunch today and the roast tomorrow instead pretty please?"

No probs at all!

Sooo, an update on our lunches this week... pasta bake today, roast tomorrow then we'll take it from there for the rest of the week.  We just need to have a cooked at home meal today for Steve to have his last Creme Egg.  Mini Toblerone's next week!  They are so small that it's gonna be 2 Toblerone's on a Friday and another 2 on a Sunday if he cooks every day.  Might try and find a multipack of Fry's Turkish Delight ready for when the Toblerone's run out 'cos apparently he prefers those to the posh ones that he's had in the past.  I'm happy either way, just wanna keep encouraging him to cook for us is all!

Just found a pack of ten of the Turkish Delight for under a tenner which'll keep him going for 5 weeks and a 2kg tub of Fudge that he likes too which'll keep him going for several weeks too.  Not bad going for just under £20 combined!

Yummy scrummy in my tummy.

Just had the pasta bake and the cheese was stronger than usual... Steve says it was the cheap pack so it's left a strong cheesy taste in my mouth now!

Nowt wrong with that!

Need to go and get his last Creme Egg now then recycle the box... brb!

Toblerone's starting on Friday for 5 or 6 weeks then I'll get the Turkish Delight for him, followed by the fudge then that should take us to maybe the end of Summer so I'll get him something else then.  All depends on how big the chunks of fudge are... if they are nice and big he'll get one bit on a Friday and the second on the Sunday, but if they are tiny like the Toblerone's are then it'll be 2 chunks on Fridays and Sundays.

Gotta get through the Turkish Delight first though lol

That's me prescription swallowed.

Nice and easy tonight, thankfully.

After a very late night last night, I'm heading to bed tonight at 8pm. 

Nite nite orl!


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