Monday 27 May 2019

Monday 27th May 2019 - part 2

I was wrong.

We spent 4½ hours with Steve's family today, so just that again and we've spent more time with Steve's family already this year than we have with my mum since 2010 combined.  Hardly fair, is it?

I'm back for the rest of the day now though and Steve wants a take-away for tea so that he doesn't have to cook, but that means he won't be getting his Toblerone's on Friday then though.  It's not often that it works out like that though, so I won't complain about it too much.

Apparently we're having a burger from Yummies for tea purely so that Steve can get a free bottle of pop.  Hardly free when you've got to spend £20 on your order to get it!

Just bought 4 courses for £49 instead of for over £1000 (not a typo) so that'll keep me busy for many days to come!  I'd already done one of the courses though, so that'll teach me for not checking before buying lol  You can see my current courses here if you want to?

That's me prescription taken and our tea ordered.  Gonna have the leftovers that we came home with for lunch tomorrow and the Quorn roast dinner on Wednesday.

Sooo tired already though!

Just had me burger and D wants me to put an "about me" section on her writing site.  I'm hoping to get it done and dusted before I head to bed... no guarantees though... need the text from her first lol

I'm totally exhaustapaytid so I'm off to bed now.

Nite nite orl, until the mornin'

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