Saturday 25 May 2019

Saturday 25th May 2019

Mornin' all.

Woke up early this morning for some bizarre reason.  Ho hum.  Time to walk the puppy then take me supplements and hopefully start studying.

Steve's going to see his family the same in one day that I've seen my mum since 2010!  He's seeing his family on Monday morning and spending the day with them, then coming home and seeing his sister in the evening.  I saw my mum at my father's funeral and then in the middle of August 2010 and haven't seen her since.  Hardly fair, is it?!  He'll see his family for more hours in one day than I've seen my mum throughout 2010 combined!

That's me supplements taken.  Time to walk the senior puppy now.

The puppy has been walked and fed.

I've just brushed me teeth.

Time to study now I reckon.

That's seriously impressive speed, Amazon!  I ordered Steve's anniversary gift on Thursday, it was dispatched yesterday and it's just been delivered!!  Not bad going for 1.5 days via Royal Mail... the earliest delivery date on my account was Tuesday so it's 3 days early!

Means I can go to the in-laws on Monday now though 😐

Just waiting for Steve's birthday gift to be created now, but that's going to take a lot longer and the person who's created doesn't have my address yet so I'm not expecting anything else through the post for a while 'cos my mum got her birthday gift delivered last night, Steve's anniversary gift is here now and I haven't even thought about my F-I-L's or Chris' gift yet so there is unlikely to be anyone else coming to the door for at least a couple of months!

Got a couple of things in mind for me F-I-L's birthday now but still haven't got a clue what to get for Chris!  This is the reason I start shopping for gifts so early though... gives me time to find something at a leisurely pace rather than rushing around in a blind panic when I can't find anything a month before!

The groceries are coming on Tuesday afternoon now "so that we don't have to rush back from my folks on the Monday" - how come we don't have to rush home from Steve's parents but we do from my mum's??  😣

I'm lucky to spend 3 or 4 hours with my mum, but I reckon it'll be double that on Monday!  😡

That's me prescription down the hatch.  Hoping for an early night again, after last night's waiting up to find out when my mum's gift will be delivered.

I'm absolutely wiped out, so I'm off to bed now.

Nite nite orl!  Sea ewe orl in the morning!

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