Saturday 11 May 2019

Saturday 11th May2019

Mornin' all!

Was still awake an hour after I went to bed last night... typical innit - I get the opportunity for an early night, take it and my body goes "aksherly, nah" lol

Gonna take me supplements, brush me teeth, take the puppy out for our morning stroll then get on with studying.  Blog creation one today methinks!  See if it'll teach me anything I don't already know lol

That's me supplements swallowed so time to let the puppy out in case she needs a wee or poo while I brush me teeth now.

She didn't want to go out after all, so I got on with brushin' me teeth.  Gonna take her out for a bit of a wander now though and I bet she will wee at least lol

600% this morning.  The puppy wanted to do more, but even once more wouldn't have been safe 'cos my knees and legs were already going "you can't do much more without a rest.  We won't let you" so I didn't want to risk it.  We've already got 4000% in the walkies bank already so I didn't want to risk it.  Better to be safe than sorry and all that jazz.  As long as we do 100% every morning, anything else is a bonus.

That was a particularly yummy lunch care of Steve.  Sweet and sour non-chicken bits and rice.  Another old favourite that we haven't had in too long.

Tomorrow is a cooked-at-home vegan Sunday lunch with Quorn family roast and veggies.  There's talk of adding waffles to it too, for the potatoey part but I'm not sure that waffles really go with a roast dinner, or do they?  Let me know in the comments what you think?  Do you agree with me (no waffles) or Steve (yes to the waffles)? 

Ideally there would be a can of new potatoes in the cupboard but Steve only decided for certain that we were definitely having the vegan roast dinner yesterday or the day before.  If we both approve of tomorrows roast, I'll add the family roast, another bag of veggies and a couple of tins of new potatoes to the shopping ready for next week.

Back to studying now though.

Just cast my postal vote in the European election.

The envelopes both tasted absolutely horrid and I definitely need a lot of pop to get my saliva working again now!

It's done and dusted now though so I can continue to ignore any other info that's sent through the post.

Gah!  The taste is too strong!  Yuckerama!

Wonder how much pop it's going to take for my mouth to recover from those two envelopes?!

Back to the studying again.  It's taken about 5 hours to do 3 modules so unless the next 7 are quick, it's another 2-dayer again even though it's a certificate instead of a diploma!

Just swallowed my prescription and I'm up to module 7 now so there's a slim chance that I will just about scrape through studying the whole course before I head to bed.

Wish me luck!

...and it's finished.

Another certificate under my belt.

Only took 13 hours lol

Gonna publish this then head to bed.

Nite nite orl!

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