Tuesday 28 May 2019

Tuesday 28th May 2019

That's the puppy walked and fed.  She met a new neighbour on the other side of the road this morning.  No wee's or poo's 'cos apparently she went out the back for both at 3am lol  Poor Steve lol  They are in their own little routine though.  Apparently she sleeps like a good 'un when she goes for her sleepovers so it's our routine for our puppy to go out at 3am and not want to go for a walk until 7am lol

Our shopping is coming this afternoon so I'm gonna see if anything has been replaced... hold on!

Haven't had the email yet... I'll keep waiting for it though!

Supplements have been swallowed.  Two weeks tomorrow I'll have been taking my new supplements for 180 days straight and it's really made the difference to how I'm physically feeling too!

I've been a regular customer of Simply Supplements for getting on for 20 years and wouldn't go anywhere else now!

If you live in the UK (I think they post to other countries too, but I've got no experience of that) and fancy 10% off your first order, just go here, If you want 10% off your first order, just put my name (Amanda George) and email address (amanda.k.george@googlemail.com) into the boxes at the checkout et voila!  They've got an early bird Summer sale on atm if you want to save even more money?

Blimey Charlie!!  Just looked on the Simply Supplements site and while most other prices have gone up, Simply Supplements have gone down!!  I spent just over £71 on the supplements back in mid-December but I've just checked the prices for the same things and it's £35 for the same ones now!  Only one of 'em is in the sale too!

Gonna go and buy them now before I forget!  Now would be a great time to stock up on your supplements!

Hurry on over there now... I've just saved £30 on another year's supply of supplements so I've got 18 month's worth now lol

There's a voucher code that saved me 30% so I spent a grand total of £42 instead of the £77 (my maths up there πŸ”ΊπŸ”Ί only took account of the 120 pills so I had to add 3 of the tubs of a couple of supplements) but I saved almost half the price and hopefully got cashback from Quidco too.

Steve's mum has just called and told me off for the cheque's I left there yesterday so that's saved me £70 lol  Gonna move it over to the account I paid for it with and put the other £30 into my lil nephew's savings account.

Even better is that the Simply Supplements cashback at Quidco has tracked at a huuge £6.75!  When that's been confirmed, I'll have collected over £200 in cashback just by going via Quidco first and spending no more than I was going to either!

These cashback sites are proving to be sooo worth it, just for an extra couple of clicks before each purchase online!  What's even better is that Amazon is back for certain purchases too!

If you fancy free money just for a couple of extra clicks before you buy something, I definitely recommend joining Quidco using this link so that we both get £10 as soon as you've got £5 confirmed cashback in your account so we're both winners!  It doesn't even need to be in one transaction, but it's soooo easy to get it adding up and only takes about a minute (depending on connection speed) longer than normal and doesn't cost you a penny more than you were going to spend!  Basically, just by buying another year's worth of supplements for £42 we could both have earnt £10 cashback each as soon as it's been confirmed!  What's even better is that you can get a browser add-on thing that's free and pops up a box on any site you go to that is offering cashback to Quidco customers!


Just had a despatch confirmation from Simply Supplements!!  An hour and 19 minutes after placing the order!!  How good is that!!  I'm pretty sure that if you order from them before mid-day then it's dispatched the same day, but could be wrong about that... it's just one of the many reason's they are the only place I will go to for my supplements now though!  It's why they've had my custom for getting on for two decades and wouldn't go anywhere else now.  They usually send them via 1st class Royal Mail so will prolly have them in my grubby little hands by the end of the week too!

I've just asked about advertising them on the mental health forum I'm with so if it's approved before Friday, they will hopefully have more orders than ever to sort out soon!

Shopping's been and gone.  Yet another female day-time person who couldn't have been more helpful!  We request on the shopping each week for the delivery driver to take the boxes through to the kitchen for us.  If Marie answers the door then are totally OK with doing that, but if it's at any time other than Monday evening and it's a male then they trot out the health and safety line and leave Steve to unload it into the hall all by himself, so either the female delivery drivers are breaking all kinds of health and safety rules by taking the boxes through for us, or the drivers on a Monday evening when Marie isn't here are sexist!

This is soooo me!  πŸ˜œπŸ˜„

This is my only release from all the crud in my head... I'm there for everyone else but nobody is there for me, so it all comes spilling out in here!

There isn't one single person that I know who is willing to let me talk to them when I need to... it always comes back to them eventually.

Every time.

I've lost count of the number of people who have said that they are there for me whenever I need to talk about anything but within a few minutes it's turned back to them.

Every time.

Doesn't matter how bad I'm feeling, if they need to talk the conversation will soon be about them.  I've had pills lined up and things to sever my arteries with and I've told people that, but because I'm seen as strong and dependable, I can guarantee that within under 15 minutes we'll be talking about them.

People have asked why I've made so many (obviously unsuccessful) attempts on my life and I've told them that nobody wanted to listen when the strong person needed support.  They said that they would have been if I'd told them how badly I was feeling but within 15 minutes the conversation was turned back to them again.

Every time.

People don't know how to support the supporter so they don't even try so I turn to here.  If you genuinely want to know how I'm feeling without interruption, read this blog and leave supportive comments in reply.

I can pretty much guarantee that every supportive message will soon get turned around though.  It always does.  Every single time.  It does by email.  It does on Facebook and it does on the mental health forum.

You don't know how to reply now, do you?  Other than saying "sorry you're feeling bad right now" or sending me a virtual hug, everyone is at a loss for words so they turn it back to them.  Again.

Why don't I tell them when they start doing it?  Because they need support from the supporter who has nobody and will one day crumble to dust and everyone will be shocked.

It'll be too late then though.

I've given everyone plenty of chances to find out how I'm feeling but it only lasts for a few minutes before it's turned around to them.

I just need one person who is willing to be my supporter occasionally.  Hasn't happened for the last 41 years now so I doubt it'll happen any time in the future.

That's easy for me 'cos it's a huge list of prescisely no-one.

That's me prescription down the hatch.  Hoping for another early night tonight... bet something will happen to stop it from happening though!  😩

You know what?  Sod it.  I'm publishing this, shutting down and heading to bed now.  I reckon I deserve it!

Nite nite orl!  Sea ewe in the morning.

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