Monday 20 May 2019

Monday 20th May 2019

Pay-day today, so I've done a bit of moving the money round and I've now got enough for the next 4 week's worth of groceries, the last few bills coming out in May *and* paying Marie back for the vet visit last week that I bet Steve will get credit for.

I've reminded him about the screwdriver too but I can almost guarantee he'll forget about that.

Taken me supplements so now it's time for her daily stroll then we can come home and feed her while I study.

That's the puppy walked and fed.

I'm totally shattered now.

The only time I'm gonna leave the sofa is to go to the bathroom.  Any more than that would just be too dangerous.

Just bought another 2 courses for £30 instead of £148 with the New Skills Academy, then I've got 50 free courses to do on Alison too, so I'll be keeping busy today and for a while (as in weeks, minimum) yet!

Steve's on the phone to his mum about borrowing the screwdriver at last!  H's book and bookmark are in a bag ready for Marie to hopefully take home with her tonight.  It's gonna be too old for him atm (purely because of the choice of some of the words), but only by a year or so... it's a great lil book, just a touch mature word-wise is all.

Just applied to become an affiliate with the New Skills Academy site.  It doesn't cost the person any more than they would already pay for the course but it means that I get a few pennies for sending them there.  I love the site, so I wanna promote them to anyone who'll listen and get a little bit back for sending them there in the first place.  It'll prolly be the price of a stamp that I get back, but that's more than I'm getting atm!

Just waiting to be automagically approved as an affiliate now then I can start gushing about their courses even more than I already do lol

Nice and easy lunch today - chips.  Still cooked here, but Steve doesn't want to stand around too much today, so he can just bung the chips in the oven for however long they take then dish them up, but neither of us are that hungry today either so it's a quick and easy meal.


100% on the assessment of the entire course!!!!

Another 100% on the second course of the afternoon!!

Not bad going for 2½ hours of studying. 

Not gonna do any more today though, but I'm hoping to start studying a long one tomorrow so that I can hopefully finish it before Mitzi goes for her second sleepover on Wednesday tea-time ready for an early morning grooming session on Thursday.  Depending on what time I finish tomorrow's long course (hopefully before Wednesday lunchtime) I might look into doing a 3-4 hour long course while we're waiting for the puppy to be picked up and I'll take things as they come on Thursday, depending on what time the pup gets home.

I'm really enjoying all these different courses I'm taking!

Pondering on doing the Diploma in Health Studies as my long course to start tomorrow, but haven't decided for certain yet though.  There are loads of 2-3 hour long courses so would it be better to do a few of those instead of the longer one tomorrow and Wednesday?  Or shall I do the Health Studies (the long one) tomorrow and into Wednesday then the 2-3 hour ones while we're waiting for Mitzi to be picked up and dropped off?

What do you reckon I should do?  Lemme know in the comments pretty please!

That's me prescription swallowed.  Went down nice and easily tonight!

The lock in the door is, apparently, screwed in as far as it would go now... thank you Marie!  She's also taken the book for my lil nephew, so I'm gonna have an early night now.

Nite nite orl!

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