Sunday 19 May 2019

Sunday 19th May 2019

That's the puppy walked, fed and watered, me teeth brushed, the rubbish and recycling out with only a minor disagreement and most of another branch of the butterfly bush snapped and binned.

Steve said he "overbent" his knee getting out of the taxi yesterday so it was all down to me.


But it's Steve that's in the strop.


I've asked if we can borrow a cross-head screwdriver from his dad again so that the screw in the lock.  It'll take less than 5 minutes to do but Steve's been promising it for the last month and hasn't done it yet.


If he doesn't do it this week I'm gonna ask his dad meself on Tuesday.  I'm fed up of asking Steve to do something, him promising that he will then leaves it up to me.  He's being paid to be my carer but does bugger all to earn the money!

Same with the software.  I paid him £1400 back in March to come up with three apps for me.  He didn't even start doing it until the middle of last week, despite promising that all three would be done by the end of April.  He's got until the end of May or I'll be wanting my money back so that I can find a different programmer to do it for me!

That's me supplements taken.  The Calcium decided to be a PITA this morning.

Gonna look for other courses on Alison, search the interweb for more free courses to study and sort out this week's spreadsheet additions now.

The disability page (where all the spreadsheets go) is up now, so it's time to start researching other free online courses now.

Our little puppy has just been mocking Steve in her sleep lol  Steve poses a question and Mitzi snores her reply just as he finishes talking, bless 'er!

Just asked Steve to help me with the bathroom bin and he said "maybe later, I'm right in the middle of something".  Yeah, watching a video.  So I sorted it meself.  Again.  Just sorted out my living room bin and the general living room bin too.  By myself.  Again.

So much for being my carer eh?

Apparently the fire bods are coming out to check our smoke alarm at 3pm!  We'd both totally forgotten!  T'was a good job we both tidied up a bit this morning really!  They are going to refuse to put out any fire in the spare room 'cos they can't get into it, which is totally my fault, but down here will hopefully be fine and dandy!

Found 50 free courses to do on Alison today and they are all free so it'll keep me going for many months to come!  lol

The fire service bods have just left, fitted us with 2 new (incredibly loud, obviously) fire alarms, cleared the top of the cooker off, they're gonna put in a request for Steve's kitchen stool so that we can get his rollator out of the kitchen then we can sort out the stuff that's behind it that I seriously can't reach atm (I'm too short) to tidy up, then we'll be able to put the pasta machine and food processor and even a chopping board on the (currently cluttered) side so that we can both prepare our cooked meals and hopefully encourage us to prepare and eat fresh veggies a few times a week rather than frozen ones a couple of times a month.

I'd love to be able to help Steve to prepare our meals, I just can't right now because of my height (I'm 5 foot 1) and Steve's rollator is too wide for me to safely reach across to the edge, let alone do anything on the counters!  We've got a pasta machine and a food processor that are still in their boxes as well as a bread machine that we haven't used for several years so it's going to waste atm.

They are going to pass on our details to another department within the fire service who will be able to encourage us to tidy up in here, the bedroom and the kitchen at the very minimum.

A couple of other houses in the street are getting their fire alarms fitted for free too - makes you wonder why they only have one set of steps between them all though  lol 

Things are heading in the right direction and we're definitely in the system in all the right places now... we just need to keep on top of our crap from now on!

We're having a well-deserved take-away for tea... we definitely deserve it after this afternoon!

Thank you for coming over and being gently honest with us, Gloucester fire service!  We need to hear it from professionals so that we take it on board and work on your suggestions to the best of our ability!

I'm totally wiped out so gonna have a really early night tonight.

Be back again tomorrow though, as usual.

Nite nite orl!

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