Thursday 23 May 2019

Thursday 23rd May 2019

Not having a good time with the back-ups.  Had to restart it 3 times 😠 and Windows is currently repairing the drive.

I'm gonna take me supplements while I'm waiting for the repair to finish.

That's the supplements swallowed.  Not the worst but far from the best too, unfortunately.

The puppy's home!!!

Gotta remember to write a cheque for £25 for her grooming as well as a cheque for Marie for her vet visit last week and a third cheque for my MIL for the huge bags of rice and pasta... Steve's gotta find out how much we owe Marie and his mum first though!  lol  Only been asking him to find out for the last 6 days!  Tsk.

Sweet 'n' sour Quorn bits with rice for lunch today and me belly is already rumbling with hunger lol

Can't wait!  😋

Yummy scrummy in my tummy.  It was especially nice today.  Steve's really getting better at this cooking malarkey.

That's the three cheques written for Mitzi's grooming today, vet from last week and the groceries that Steve's mum got for us, so that's the money stuff sorted for the day now.  After clearing my credit cards, I never want to be even slightly in debt ever again and it's already accounted for in my outgoings document, so the money will just pay the three debts instead of going into my savings this month is all.  It's all part of owning a dog and us needing to be fed in bulk rather than in a couple of portions a week is all 👌

Maffs/calculation issues again.

I've got £259 in my account atm.
Got 2x£10 still to come out before I get paid again.
That's £239 - right so far?
The cheques come to a total of £95
Which leaves me with £144 yeah?
Shopping comes to £50 a week x2 weeks is £100 off yeah?  That leaves me with £44... but why? 

Why have I got money left over even though I've been buying courses, grooming, vets bills and extra groceries from last week?  Where has the additional £40 come from that I wasn't expecting❓❓  What have I missed❓❓

Just reduced my pop bottles by 3 'cos most of this week's are still waiting to be opened and even that only comes to £46 so I'll have even more cash than I was thinking too... £48 and we're not denying ourselves anything at all!  If I've got £44-£48 left over after splashing out on so much, I'll be able to get me mum and Steve even better birthday and anniversary gifts at the end of June too!

Gotta find a gift for them both first though lol

That's me prescription taken and I think I've found a birthday gift for my mum but I'm still trying to find Steve's gift.  Gonna ask him to add things to his wishlist... bet he won't though!  Grrrr.

Just bought the gifts for Steve and me mum, so I can relax until October now.  There are 3 gifts to get in October (Steve, his mum and Chris) then that's it until December when it's Yule then Marie's birthday.

Off to bed for an early night now.

Nite nite orl!

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