Saturday 19 February 2022

14-0 to me

Just made my carer's breakfast for him, which takes the weekly meal-making total up to 14-0 (we had a take-away for lunch yesterday and he finished his second meal off for his tea, so I only made his breakfast yesterday).  He's having stew for his lunch today which'll be made by me and sarnies for his tea, which will, again, be made by me.  My legs won't be stable enough to make three meals for him and one for myself, so I'll be living on the calories I've had for my breakfast (squeezed orange juice) today which is 42 calories, which is faaaar from healthy, but I'm not being given a choice this week.

Made a hot chocolate for him too and the tub is almost used up, so other than maybe 4 spoonfuls (2 drinks) he's had the entire pot of that too and yet again I'm going without.

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