Sunday 20 February 2022

Already over...

...10 hours of care today, so 12 hours is pretty much in the bag and I'd only need to care for my carer for an extra 54 minutes to take me to the magic 85 hours, but that'd be after my bed time and I'm determined to have an early night tonight for a change.

I'm predicting that when I weigh myself in the morning, I will have lost some weight after only eating 3 or 4 proper meals this week and only having two slices of bread all day today.

I will hopefully be able to have breakfast tomorrow 'cos that'll either be wheat biscuits or Granola, depending on what my carer wants 'cos the loaf of bread is used up now, so as long as I'm safe enough to make two breakfasts in the morning, that's what I'll do.  It's supposed to be vegan spag bol tomorrow but I'm predicting that my carer will find an excuse not to help me to do it so I'll have to do it alone again.  It's just tomorrow and Friday that I'll need his help for, 'cos they will be meals that involve doing things on the hob instead of in the oven and then mixing it all up and I'm just not confident doing that yet 'cos I've only done it once so far (today's stew for my carer) so I just need him there for safety/confidence reasons.  I'll be doing the other 5 meals totally alone again, I just need him there in case I've got any doubts or questions or I become unsteady or collapse or whatever.

I've got something happening with SCBWI both days of the weekend so three of the 5 meals will just be instant soup but that's more than I've had for the majority of this week!

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