Tuesday 22 February 2022

Groceries have just...

...been and gone.  As I predicted this morning, literally all my carer did was move (not even pack) the bags from one side of his body to the other, then handed me the bottles of pop to put away... I did literally everything else and now he wants a take-away for lunch because he's so tired.  Not happening on my watch any more when we've got a fridge, two freezers and a cupboard full of food to eat.  We've relied on take-aways far too heavily for far too long so they are treats instead of every day food now.

I'll finish my glass of pop then go and make a start on it.  Again.  My carer won't be doing cooking until Friday this week 'cos apparently he cooked (as in finished off the cooking and dishing it up which lasted all of 10-15 minutes, tops) yesterday so is too tired to cook today.

Time to add todays groceries to the list of food we've got now, ready for editing each time something is used - that'll reduce the need for stock-takes each time then.

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