Thursday 24 February 2022

Today's (24th February 2022) lunch photo's

So much for taking 16 to 18 minutes... it took almost double that today! lol

T'was just battered onion rings and fries for lunch today - I did the whole bag of both and it was too much - I was nicely full after my plateful and there were still some fries left so didn't want to waste them, so had seconds... then finished off Steve's left-overs lol  Maybe half the bag of fries would have been better?  lol

We polished it off though, and there was no food waste today, which is a good thing 'cos I can't afford to waste money on my very limited funds each week.

It's pasta and sauce and grated cheese tomorrow which Steve'll have to help with when the pasta is cooked 'cos the full pan will be too heavy for me to safely lift and he'll be dishing up too for the same reason, but I'll be doing all the cooking.

I've made every meal so far this week and other than dishing up, I've done everything and Steve's only helped with one meal on Monday.

Here are today's photos:

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