Friday 18 February 2022

Afternoon all

Technically it's still lunchtime for us, but it's after 12 o'clock noon mid-day so I'm right with saying afternoon too 😉

This morning's storm has made me realise how reliant I am on my laptop 'cos I've spent all morning either on Facebook on my mobile (and getting frustrated that it refreshed every time I accidentally clicked on a video or ad or whatever) and I've been caring for my carer more intently than normal too.

We both forgot to take Steve's stew out of the freezer yesterday, so we couldn't eat according to the menu for the first day this week, so we had a McDonald's for lunch instead and Steve's stew is now defrosting in the bottom of the fridge, so we'll have the stew/garlic mushrooms tomorrow and tomorrow's waffles next week - that's been the only change this week though, so we've done really well to stick to it so well!  By the looks of things, we've been planning each week's meals since I finished JanNo and we've wasted considerably less food by doing that, so I reckon it'll be a regular thing for us now.

I've taken my morning pills and I'll take my afternoon one after I've been for a wee.  There won't be any news on any of my three sites today 'cos I wasn't online this morning and there isn't enough time to do it now, but things will hopefully be back to normal again tomorrow.

I'll resize the photo and put it up on here and on Instagram in a bit, but I need to head to the bathroom before I wet myself now lol



Thaaaat's better lol

I'm pretty significantly over my daily calories today, but I've had a couple of days this week where I've been well under, so I'm thinking that things'll be pretty stable when I weigh myself on Monday.

While I was waiting for this morning's storm to pass, I used the opportunity to clear out a bit more of our spare room and moved Steve's music CD collection into the main bedroom along with everything else he wants to keep.  I enjoy it when I've summoned up the motivation to start, it's just trying to find the motivation to begin with is all.  I also did the washing up so we've got bowls and spoons so that we can both have breakfast in the morning.

I'm about to start the daily virus scan - I'm hoping it'll be clear, same as it always is, but it puts my mind at rest to do it as soon as I log on each morning.  


OK, that's the virus scan started and loaded up, along with my book that I'm reading and reviewing.  Don't think I'll get it finished today, but that's OK 'cos the publisher has said not to publicise it until 2 week's before it's release date, so that gives me a couple of months to get it done and dusted in... I've got a reminder in my calendar to publish the review on the day that I'm allowed to, so hopefully that'll kick in and remind me on the day so that I don't forget.

Time to take my lunchtime pill now, then put the photo of my lunch up for you all.


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