Sunday 20 February 2022

Feeling pretty proud of myself right now, because...

...I've achieved a pretty decent amount today and I've already scraped through 80 hours of care this week, I won't make 85 hours but that's OK with me as long as I hit 80 'cos I've already doubled the necessary weekly minimum to be classed as a carer and my official carer hasn't even managed an hour all week this week.

I've asked him to fill in the caring spreadsheet for things he's done to support me for 35 hours this week... I'm giving him until midnight and I'm hoping (but severely doubting) it'll be in my inbox by the time I come downstairs tomorrow morning.  He's supposed to support me for a minimum of 5 hours a day, every day to hit the minimum, but he didn't even manage it when I went to see the Neurologist, let alone on an average day!!

Gonna go and do the washing up again so that I can fill my water bottle with the squash that my carer promised he'd to 26 hours ago but, quelle surprise, hasn't even done that.


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