Monday 28 February 2022

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?

I remembered (with the help of the reminder on my phone) that it was the monthly virus scan this morning, so that's zipping away and is at 27% already after less than an hour.  I've taken my pills and Steve's decided that we're having cookies (left over from yesterday's Subway tea) for breakfast this morning, so I just got us both juice for breakfast.  I need to remember to take the majority of the juices off tomorrow's grocery order 'cos we've still got 3 packs of 4 juices still in the fridge somehow lol

OK, that's the groceries adjusted and me weighed (I've put on exactly 1kg so that's fine by me 'cos I'm still within the range I want to be in - I can still put on 900g or lose 2.1kg and I'll still be happy), so time to put the weekly spreadsheet on my site then I'll be starting the editing of one manuscript in particular 'cos I've already got an agent and publisher lined up for this particular manuscript, so wanna whip it into shape before I query them with it.

The rubbish and recycling are due to be collected today, so I've gotta be ready to go when they reverse down the street too, so that I can bring our box and bags in again, like the council have said we should but we're one of the only houses that actually does it lol

It's omelette for lunch today, so I'm hoping it doesn't spit too much otherwise I'll refuse to do it again lol

I've got the photo of my breakfast so I'm gonna put that and the spreadsheet up so that I don't keep forgetting lol

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