Tuesday 15 February 2022

Today's (15th February 2022) lunch photos

I really am useless with portion sizes... two plates full of chips (aka fries for my American followers) and breaded onion rings between the two of us was just too much.  Next time I'll need to remember to not put "the last few chips on the tray... we'll polish them off between us, no problem" - I did and we didn't lol

Tomorrow is pizza baguettes (cheese for me, pepperoni for him) and we're gonna try the potato smiley faces - we've agreed that it'll either be just the pizzas or half the pizza baguette and a few smiley faces so that we've got a back-up meal ready to go in the freezer, no matter what I/we decide to do to.  Our stomachs are definitely shrinking lol


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