Monday 14 February 2022

That's the...

...recycling brought in, my carer's breakfast made, washing up done and dusted and I'm less than 90 minutes away from completing today's minimum caring hours.  The rubbish is just reversing down, so I'll go and thank them and bring the bag in for another week now.



T'was the Aussie working alone again, but I did what I always try and do and that's just to say "thank you" to them - I might be the only one on their round that says it and a lot of people take them for granted because of their job, so I like to think that I maybe brighten their day slightly when I thank them!

Under an hour to go to complete my minimum now and I've asked my carer to complete his spreadsheet this week so we'll see where he puts his weekly 35 hours and if they tally up with mine.  I'm predicting that he'll conveniently forget though, just like he has for the last 6 weeks that I've been asking him to do it.  I'm also predicting that I'll be making all the meals this week despite my carer promising, yet again, that he'll do them but because I can make all of them, it'll be down to make them yet again.

I'm gonna finish off a packet of biscuits this morning, but when they've gone I really will only be eating and drinking when my carer makes it.  I'm not gonna be exercising this week, so that I can hang on to the weight that is healthy for me, but I'm predicting that I won't have any hot drinks or food this week.

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