Wednesday 16 February 2022

8-0 to me

I've just made our lunches, which is my eighth meal of the week made and still none at all by my carer.

It's curry tomorrow that I wanna try and make, but I'll have to have my carer's help with it so that I don't poison both of us or whatever.  In theory at least, it's just opening and emptying two cans into a pan and shoving the Naan breads under the grill for the last 5 minutes.  I'd love to be able to do a proper meal like that on my own, but after making the last 8 meals (as well as potentially tea tonight and breakfast tomorrow), I'm just not willing to risk it right now.  It's just lunch tomorrow and the lasagnes on Friday that I need help with this week.

I've already put my body through too much 'cos I'm shaking like a leaf and it feels like I'm walking during an earthquake, but we wouldn't have eaten yet this week if it hadn't been for me making it for him/us.

My carer has just put the last piece of his pizza into his mouth, so it's time for me to take the plates back through to the kitchen now, then I can hopefully recover enough to resize the photo and put it up for you all.  No more risks until tea-time now, when I'll make my carer's jam sandwiches before I head to bed.

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