Monday 21 February 2022

Just taken my pills and...

...come up with next week's menu (we only need two things on our grocery shop next week - we've already got everything else) so it's time to start shutting down my computer programmes now, then update the spreadsheet when my carer wakes up, then head to bed for the night.

So far this week I've cared for my carer for almost 12 hours and he's cared for me for 1 (while I was cooking our lunch, then took over when my anxiety went through the roof with the spitting sauce and dishing it all up 'cos the pan was too heavy for me).  I'll be doing all the cooking from tomorrow to Thursday inclusive, then my carer will hopefully help me again on Friday, ready for the meeting at the weekend.

I'm gonna say nite nite two ewe orl now and I'll see you again tomorrow, while I'm waiting for our groceries to turn up.

Nitey nite nite.

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