Thursday 24 February 2022

Mornin' all

Had a very early start this morning... was wide awake, down here and caring for my carer before 5am this morning and I haven't stopped since!

I've made my carer's breakfast, taken my morning pills, run the virus scan (still clear, thankfully) done the washing up and cared for my carer for 97 minutes.  My breakfast this morning was home-made jam sandwiches so I've got my sugar rush for this morning lol  I'm expecting a delivery between 10.29am and 11.29am this morning, so that we have something to put the home-made soup in so that we can freeze it.

I'm hoping that I'll get the news sorted before I make our lunch of onion rings and chips then I'll carry on supporting everyone else even when I need support myself.  I'd love to study another course today, but I'm thinking I should edit my manuscripts, before I forget again.

I made myself a bottle of squash that I asked my carer to make at lunchtime yesterday, but he "forgot" again, so I've had 72 minutes of support from him so far this week, so unless he spends 10 hours a day caring for me each day until bedtime on Sunday, there's no way he'll hit the minimum yet again.

I put in a grocery order for 3 weeks' time this morning 'cos I forgot and my carer didn't remind me to do it yesterday.

I'm gonna shut up now, so that I can resize my breakfast photo for you all then put it up on here and on Instagram

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