Monday 28 February 2022

I was wrong this morning

I said in one of my blog posts this morning that it'd be Steve wanting to take stuff off to add his own.  I was wrong and I'm sorry for my mistake.

I've just edited the order to add peanuts onto it 'cos I'm going through them like mad and I've discovered that the crumpets and hot cross buns that Steve added aren't me-friendly 'cos they've got milk in, so I've taken one of the packets of each of those off instead, so the totals now look like this:

My stuff:  £5.51
Steve's stuff:  £18.13
Joint stuff:  £18.58

So I'm very happy with those totals 'cos the joint stuff is just about more than Steve's stuff, which is how it *should* be!

As long as it stays like that, then I won't be whining about Steve having the majority of the shop for a change! lol

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