Friday 25 February 2022

While Steve was in the bathroom...

...I used the opportunity to wash up some very dusty plates that were in one of the cupboards and put the frying pan, 2 of my MIL's boxes, a soup ladle and the silicone tongs, spaghetti spork and scraperer away along with my smoothie bits and bobs.  We've now got 5 big plates, 2 small plates and two bowls washed up and drip-drying ready for us to use.  I'm planning on using one of the small plates for my jam sandwich breakfast tomorrow and I'm gonna put the plates and bowls away, along with the cutlery, when it's dry enough to.  I'm fed up of the kitchen being in a mess already, so yet again I'm gonna put everything away in its home so that we can actually find and use it when we need to!

So far Steve's spent 72 minutes caring for me this week, so unless he puts in 12 hour days between now and the time I go to bed on Sunday, this'll be yet another week where he hasn't even managed 10% of the minimum required and I've already spent over 3 hours caring for him this morning alone and 52 hours (and counting) already this week, so I'm right on track for just about hitting 80 hours this week and double the minimum will hopefully be just about in the bag by the time I head to bed tomorrow, yet apparently I'm not the carer and I don't do anything to support him <shrug>


  1. I'm fed up with my kitchen being a mess too. It certainly does make things easier when everything is in its place.

  2. You are so right, Tracy... just gotta find the motivation to tidy it up a bit at a time then put things back where they belong, instead of leaving them and hoping that the housework fairies will magically do it all lol