Wednesday 23 February 2022

I've found...

...a mug that Steve must have got me many years ago with a Westie on it and "Love you mom" at the bottom corner so I'll try and remember to use that one for my soups from now on lol


There are 4 mugs soaking now, so I'll go and wash them up and put 2 of them back onto the mug rack when they're dry.


It'll be onion rings and chips tomorrow, then pasta and sauce with oodles of grated cheese on Friday, then I've got a weekend jam packed with online writing stuff, so that will be soup for both days too.  I'll try and take a photo of each meal on both days, but I can't promise if or when it'll happen but if I do take photo's then I'm not gonna even attempt to put them on here until the things have finished at around 4.30pm each day.

We've got oodles of veg that will start to be used up next week, so I'm hoping that we'll be able to attempt to make home-made soup with the rest of the packages... it all depends on if I can motivate the chef though.  In theory it's simple enough, it's just summoning up the motivation in my carer to do it is all.

I've just taken my first lunch-time pill of the week so that's my body dosed up until tonight now.

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