Saturday 19 February 2022

16-0 to me

Just made my carer's third meal of the day (sardine & tomato paste sandwiches and 4 Pepperami's) and had to wake him up so that he didn't knock the plate off the arm of his chair while he was asleep.

Literally all I've consumed today is the orange juice for breakfast, 3 slices of dry bread for lunch then 3 apples, a serving of honey roast peanuts and a bar of Pure Heavenly chocolate to keep me going through the afternoon.

My carer is having toast and juice for his breakfast, either stew (as long as it's defrosted by then) or lasagne for lunch (I'll finish off the last two slices of bread for my lunch) then meat and Pepperami's for his tea.  I'll be having a bottle of orange juice for breakfast, two slices of bread for lunch and nothing for tea so if I haven't maintained or even lost weight by the time I weigh myself on Monday morning, I'll be very surprised.

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