Sunday 20 February 2022

Mornin' all (17-0 to me)

How are you all doing this morning?


So far this morning I've taken my pills and run the daily virus scan which was still clear, thankfully. I've made my carer's breakfast for him, which means I've made 17 meals this week for him but I have only eaten 3 of them.  Apparently Steve's stew has thawed enough (after 3 days in the fridge lol) so that's what he's having for his lunch and there are two slices of bread left, so I'll have that for my lunch.  


I've asked whether I should do the washing up or sort out more of the spare room first and Steve replied "I'll do the washing up when I go out for my wash" because he gets washed in the kitchen sink 🤢🤮 but it means that I can spend a bit of time sorting out more of the mess that he's caused in the spare room.

Aksherley I think I'll go and do that now, while I've got a tiny amount of motivation.


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