Thursday 24 February 2022

Didn't manage to...

...get any editing done today after all 'cos I've spent 10 of the 13 hours I've been awake, caring for my carer, so I couldn't do anything else.  I've managed to plan out the next two weeks worth of menu's though and other than the curry stuff for next week, we'll be using the food we've already got in the house.  If we manage to stick to the menu's then we'll be able to do a big freezer and cupboard shop at Iceland in the middle of March so that we can stock up on cheaper things and buy in larger packs than Morrisons do them... just gotta remember not to use the entire bag of food for one meal, like I accidentally did with the fries today - oops!  lol

We've basically just got 3 loaves of bread in the freezer and 12 packets of instant soup each to use up outside of our menu's.  I'll have jam sandwiches for breakfast (like I did this morning) until the jar and bread is finished which'll hopefully be around about the same kinda time that Steve finishes off the box of 24 wheat biscuits, then we can have granola to finish those packets off, then porridge then we'll be able to buy more breakfast things too, for the first time since the end of January lol

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