Monday 2 October 2023

Mornin' all

I weighed myself early this morning and I've unofficially put on 800g in the last 7 days so the laps are good to go this morning 'cos I'm almost where I wanna be again (ie slap bang in the middle of my healthy weight range instead of right at the bottom like I was last week).  Gonna wait until my morning carer has been and gone then have my breakfast and weigh myself officially before I decide what I wanna do with the laps this week.

I'm gonna aim for green as opposed to red days in my FitBit app this week to see what that does to my weight next week.

I'm also gonna make more of an effort to work out two things:  first, exactly how much care I get from each set of carers... I'll only be counting when they actually do something to help me rather than playing on their phones and I'll see how long they wait between me finishing my food and them starting the washing up in the afternoons 'cos that's what one carer especially does.  There are some carers who do absolutely nothing (like my weekend carers this weekend just gone), other carers who do as little as possible (most of them) then there are a couple of carers who actually do the heating up of the beans/spaghetti and help me to get dressed but they are very few and far between.

It's gonna be a bad hayfever day today 'cos I'm already sneezing my head off and my eyes are watering like crazy.  I've already popped my first 4 pills of the week though, so I'm all set until lunchtime now.  Gotta remember to keep an eye out for the rubbish and recycling bods so that I can bring the containers in for another week.  The virus scan was clear (other than the outdated drivers, but they are just trying to get me to buy a subscription to something else lol)

This blog post is waaaay too long, so I'm gonna publish it and start putting together my day's to-do list.


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