Thursday 1 September 2022

Mornin' all

I've already achieved and forgotten some things on today's to-do list, but that's OK 'cos I can slip the forgotten things in together.

Today's to-do list reads like this:
  1. wake up (obviously)
  2. set the backups going
  3. do the watering
  4. make breakfast for me an' im
  5. take my morning pills
  6. have a bath
  7. do the washing up
  8. hopefully my backups will have finished so I'll put it away then
  9. relax/recover for a few hours
  10. make lunch
  11. take my lunchtime pill
  12. do the lunchtime watering
  13. relax/recover for a few more hours
  14. make Steve's tea
  15. do the evening watering
  16. head to bed.


I'm gonna go and do the watering then the breakfasts now.  The backups have only got about 3 minutes to go, so I'll be able to put the external hard drive away and put my laptop on the floor so that I can take a proper photo of my breakfast for you all, then carry on with the to-do list for the rest of the day.


Other than making our lunch, doing the washing up and watering, I don't plan to move off the sofa today, other than for bathroom breaks, obviously.


The backups have just finished, so time to put the external hard drive away and put my laptop on the floor.  Yesterday has seriously taken it out of both of us, so Steve's decided to cancel his regular medical appointment this morning, so that he can recover for the rest of this week then re-start the appointments next week.


Gonna go and sort out the gardening and breakfasts now.




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