Sunday, 13 February 2022

Today's (13th February 2022) lunch photo

A late but simple and quick meal of just steak cut chips, a sprinkling of salt and 2 servings of brown sauce.

There's room in our little freezer for the rest of the big bag of chips from our lunch tomorrow.  It's a very simple menu next week after Steve's earlier admission about why he only cooks maybe once or twice a week... the menu is deliberately food that I can cook myself and just need Steve to dish up when the food is cooked, but hopefully working as a team next week instead of Steve doing all the cooking will give him a break from feeling like he has to cook every meal.

We've still got half a bag of Linda McCartney "Vegemince" to use up, but that, Steve's sausages and 2 trays of ice cubes is all that's left in there now.  Assuming I'm stable enough on my feet tomorrow lunchtime and I've got enough confidence to do it, I'll put a few sausages in the oven for Steve, as well as the chips.  He's trying to cut down on his portion sizes and the amount he eats in general so I've suggested getting smaller plates so that it *looks* like the same portion size, but it's a little bit smaller.

Here's the photo of my lunch today:

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