Saturday 27 August 2022

15-1 to me

I've just made Steve's 15th meal of the week and he's only made one meal so far.

I've eaten 6 proper meals (the other times that Steve's eaten, I've either picked at things like biscuits or peanuts or my Graze box or gone hungry) this week, only one of which was made by Steve.

Tomorrow's lunch will have to be made by Steve 'cos it involves multiple things on the go at the same time and things needing to be timed appropriately so it'll be 18-2 to me by the time I head to bed tomorrow, which is pretty average for him cooking.  His other meal was a take away tea a couple of days ago that I couldn't have 'cos it was too late at night for me to eat before I went to bed and he decided he didn't want his usual tea of meat sandwiches made by me, so I had to stay up to answer the door and bring it all in for him.

My lunch today, after I've taken my lunchtime pill, will be a can of pop and that'll have to do me until tomorrow morning when I have breakfast.  Good job that I was slightly overweight on Monday really, eh?

He's just finished eating his lunch, so I'll take the bowl out, take my lunchtime pill, then do the washing up so that there's a clean bowl and spoon for my breakfast tomorrow.


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