Sunday 21 August 2022

Mornin' all

I've already decided that today is gonna be a good day.  There might be things happening that usually send my mood through the floor, but today I'm gonna smile through it and let it wash over me.

As predicted last night, I was awake too early, desperately needing a wee and I'm not gonna take my prescriptions this morning so it'll be even worse than normal with my bladder.

I've already run the virus scan which was still clear and taken my morning supplements, so I've just gotta take my lunchtime pill and I've had an entire week without missing a single supplement!

When Steve wakes up for longer than literally 5 seconds, I'll go and make breakfast then water the plants then carry on with the editing again.  It's a novella again today, so I'm hoping that'll be finished with by early afternoon then I can carry on with the short stories.  Hoping to get through one full-length manuscript a day so that it's more manageable.

I'm really cold this morning, so I'm gonna go back upstairs and put my cardigan on again then put the rubbish and recycling out after I've made our lunch so that it's ready for collection tomorrow.


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