Monday 29 August 2022

Very nearly...

...10 hours of care provided for my carer compared to his 6 minutes this morning doing the washing up.  Before 6.15pm tonight I'll have supported him the same as he's done for both of us PLUS double the minimum required support to be recognised as a carer.

This is gonna be a weird week, but there's a very remote chance that I'll get 5 hours of care out of him on Wednesday for the first time EVER but I can pretty much guarantee that it'll be an over 10 hour day, possibly even approaching 15 hours for me.  We are gonna be exhausted, but only one of us will be able to recover before I head to bed and that person won't be me.  I just hope my carer doesn't want any hot drinks in the afternoon 'cos that'd be downright dangerous as opposed to my usual unsafe after what I'll be going through.

I'm gonna have a shower as opposed to a bath tomorrow, so that I can wash my manky hair 'cos I won't need to remove any of my clothes tomorrow like I will at the medical appointments, so I won't need to shave until the day before the first appointment, so I'm gonna use my time wisely instead of looking for relaxation.  I'll be having 1 shower and 2 baths in 2 weeks which hasn't happened for a very long time.  I usually have a shower every 6-8 weeks (if I'm getting my hair cut) and I only have baths if I'm leaving the street for a medical appointment so that I don't stink the doctors surgery or hospital out.  Basically I've had 14 baths or showers in 19 months and won't be having any more for months after the second doctors appointment with any luck.

I've now cared for my carer for double the minimum required each day, plus over the 6 minutes my carer spent doing the washing up this morning.

Let's do a breakdown of what we've each consumed today, to start the week off with, shall we?

I've consumed:

1 bowl of granola for breakfast
2 ends of bread and dairy free spread for lunch
1 mug of decaffeinated coffee
1 mug of drinking chocolate
1 can of Dr Pepper
1 mug of decaffeinated tea

My carer has consumed:

1 large bowl of Shreddies
4 sandwiches made with dairy free spread and
1 jar of crab paste
1 large portion of hash browns
1 large portion of potato wedges
2 x foot-long Subway subs
2 x pots of garlic aoli
1 mug of drinking chocolate
2 mugs of decaffeinated coffee

Guess which one of us needs to put on weight this week and will be eating even less on Wednesday?  Hint:  it's not my carer.

Guess which one of us has made all the meals and answered the door to my carer's tea this evening?  Hint:  it's not my carer again.

Guess which one of us is going to bed hungry tonight?  Hint:  you're right, it's not my carer.

Today has been weird with the no editing thing... I woke up and I didn't immediately find which book needed to be edited again, like I did last week.  Didn't even touch my short stories folder!  I'm gonna leave off the editing this week and potentially next week then crack on with it again the week after as I start to recover from a busy couple of weeks.  Gotta remember to update the list of the times I've left the street this week and next week too... you watch me forget though lol.

Gotta remember not to start the weekly virus scan or backups on Wednesday otherwise I'll literally get psychotic with worry the whole time I'm out and won't have access to my regular coping mechanisms which'll make it even worse and harder to cope with.  I'll run the virus scan as soon as we get home and the backups first thing on Thursday morning before I do anything else on the computer... it'll only take about 3 hours, so that can be running while I'm making my carer's breakfast, taking his bowl back through to the kitchen then caring for him as he spends the rest of the morning fast asleep.

Just had the reminder come up for taking my last two pills of the day, so I'm gonna finish draining my mug then turn the light on and pop 'em.  Gotta remember to water the plants before it gets too much darker too.


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