Tuesday 30 August 2022

Groceries been, gone and put away

We're all sorted for another week with our groceries, Steve says he's still up for cooking lunch and I've got a drinking choccie on the go so I'm at the top end of being in the green on today's graph so far and I'm hoping that lunch and maybe another hot choccie this afternoon will send me into the red.  As long as I don't lose any more weight this week, I'll be happy.  Ideally I'd like to put on 1kg, but as long as I don't lose any then that's fine by me.  I'd love to be able to find a way to maintain rather than lose or gain each week, so I guess I've just gotta keep on experimenting until I find the solution.

I've just ordered the basic groceries for 4 weeks time... can someone remind me to add burgers, buns and pizzas to it when I get around to sorting out the menu for that week please?

I'm gonna go and grab myself a glass of water in preparation for a hopefully early-ish lunch.


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